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« on: November 09, 2006, 02:44:54 pm »
Assigning parameter values for complex 3D-models is often very tedious. It would be great to have abstraction here, eg:
Assigning an ID to all elements in all layers which belong to a specific soil type. Then material parameters would have to be assigned only once (by ID), which would make changes easier and avoid inconsistencies. I know that this would require a major change in the interface and possibly the data structure (maybe a constellation like using negative conductivity as ID values would work), but it would be really nice (and time-saving) to have this feature.

While I'm at it:
The layer structure tends to become very complex when simulating a multi-layered aquifer with additional elements (like discrete elements on a specific depth or partial wells). Here it would be a great help if the layers/slices could be grouped by aquifer (display via tree view) and given an alphanumeric name (like "top of 2nd aquifer").
This would make adding and modifying layers easier and speed up the assignment of properties (like head) using groups instead of assigning and copying.


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Re: abstraction
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2007, 11:45:12 pm »
Hey Jochen,

in the latest version of FeFlow you can use an elemental reference distribution to set those (soil type, k zone, etc) IDs. In combination with IFM modules this provides a powerful mean to very quickly update very large sets of parameters.

We use this approach in pretty much all our models these days. In one of the bigger ones, the K's in x,y,z direction are updated in a couple of seconds for almost 5 million, something that would be close to impossible to do by hand, considering that some of those k zones reside in 40 model layers (try 40*3 data joins!!!).

Only catch: You have to do some programming (currently in C/C++, Python coming soon)

Cheers, Chris
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