Author Topic: MikeFLOOD - Error message "fatal error error detected when setting up link"  (Read 553 times)


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I am using MikeFLOOD to couple Mike Hydro and Mike21 FM. When I am starting the simulation this error message appears "fatal error error detected when setting up link". I am guessing there is a problem to couple my mesh with lateral links of the mikeHydro, but I dont know how to resolve it.

Apreciate all help I can get,

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Christian Tomsu

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Hi Stephanie,

you should check ALL the logfiles.
The messages from MIKE are "well distributed" in different log files.
Some are in the M11 - setup - directory and some in the folder of the couple - file.

But in one of those log-files you should find a more detailed message to that issue.

Christian Tomsu
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