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MIKE21C and MIKEZero
« on: November 22, 2019, 05:31:47 am »
Hi, I am new to the Mike software, but I managed to generate a curvilinear grid with the M21C grid generator, added bathymetric and Manning data, all in WGS 84/UTM Zone 45N (Bhutan). So far so good. I opened a M21C document in Mike Zero and set up a test model with 2 open boundaries: upstream with hydrograph, downstream with a rating curve. Try to run about 4 days with full dynamic only. Sediment simulation comes later. The first thing I notice that the rating curve edited with the dsf0-document editor is not accepted by MikeZero (red crosses appear when loading the file). So, I tested with a fixed water level downstream,but then the simulation terminates with a BLOW UP. Running the model with steady flow gives unrealistic huge depth values down stream. Secondly, while generating the grid in UTM Zone 45N, Mike Zero shows the j,k-Projection in a rectangle. Opening the steady flow result file shows the unrealistic values in the rectangle grid. For more information, see attached document. Hope someone can shine a light on this.