Author Topic: how to built oil spill?  (Read 559 times)


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how to built oil spill?
« on: December 05, 2019, 11:35:39 am »
We have already made an hydrodynamic mike 21 flow model FM output and we wish to incorporate it in Oil spill?
the hydrodynamic model output is dfsu, how can we upload it to oil spill who wants dfs2 file?

We tried couple hydrodynamic and ecolab but we have two separated outputs with no particle source diffusion.

At another attempt, we managed to convert the hydrodynamic in to grid series, and in this way it is being uploaded to the oil spill module, but the output is also grid series dfs2.

We expected to have an output like this:  , where the output is probably dfsu.

Any ideas how to use oil spill with incorporated hydrodynamic module?