Author Topic: Link from Calculator Variable to block manipulated variable (input parameter)?  (Read 314 times)


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Hi, I'm quite new with WEST and I'm just basically training myself...

As part of my training I've coded the "true" OTR/Energy ratio in an ASU Tank as a Calculator Variable determined from other input data or block variables (it starts from ASU kLa and Volume, but it also uses other "extra" global variables like SOTE, atmosferic pressure and temperature, blower performance, needed pressure rise, whatever...).

OK, now I have a "better" calculated OTR_Energy (available as a Calculator Variable) than just a fixed typed value, which therefore I would like to link to the ASU tank one. But I cannot find a way to do it.

Please could you tell me how to do it (and firstly, even if it is possible)?

Thanks in advance,

Enrico Remigi

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Hello and apologies for the slow reaction.
No: it's not possible.

A calculator variable is effectively a (algebraic) state variable of the overall model - as such, it cannot be linked to an interface variable.
If that is your goal, you should rather implement the same expression inside a model (e.g. a calculator) and expose it through an output variable (sensor). In WEST, you will then be able to link it to the manipulated variable of another model.
Enrico U. Remigi
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Many thanks for your answer!

Way too much advanced for a noob... Editing models code will have to wait, at least, till next week...  :o :o (an "optimistic" estimation, but optimism is a must  ;D ;D ).