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MIKE C Execution Error
« on: December 31, 2014, 10:27:19 am »
i'm trying to use mike By DHI to simulate sediments in a dam reservoir
DHI sent me an installation DVD with an USB license.
After installation when i try to open mike C-map windows says  : "mike c-map has stopped working" and closes.I'm using Microsoft windows 8.1
a file is created each time the program closes (debug.txt) which contains the following phrase:
 " [1231/124929:WARNING:lic_rsa_private_key_win.cpp(52)] RSAPrivateKey::InitProvider CryptAcquireContextCRYPT_MACHINE_KEYSET failed: Keyset does not exist
[1231/124929:WARNING:lic_rsa_private_key_win.cpp(57)] RSAPrivateKey::InitProvider CryptAcquireContext failed: Keyset does not exist ".

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