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transient boundary conditions
« on: July 14, 2015, 03:41:23 pm »
Hello everyone,

i need to implement transient boundary conditions (1st Order) to my feflow model. I want to do this by using a shapefile. My shapefile has this columns:

x-coordinate | y-coordinate| hydraulicHead(day1) | hydraulicHead(day20) | hydraulicHead(day20) | hydraulicHead(day41) | hydraulicHead(day89)

No I link the shapefile via "Link Parameter" with the adequate time steps. I chosse to interpolate the data via Neighborhood Relationsship

But when I do it this way, it cancels and the message "Out of memory" appears.

I I have tried to solve the problem for a week, but without any success.
I hope someone can help me.

Best regrads

Pete Sinton

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Re: transient boundary conditions
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2015, 06:43:35 pm »
That approach probably won't work.  Instead, set up the transient well rates as a POW file, like this:

! Hopetown Well 1   
38657   3462
38664   3809
38671   3116
38678   3289
38685   3462
38692   3809
38699   4155
38706   4328
38713   4501
38720   2943
! Hopetown Well 2   
38657   4807
38664   5024
38671   3518
38678   4377
38685   4032
38692   4741
38699   5188

then import the POW file into the time series editor (edit, time series, import)

once the rates for each well are in, then you assign the rate time series to the wells using a shape file and "link to parameter".  The "capture" impage shows the details of a shape file with the proper setup.  The field "TimeSeries" is linked to "WellBC" and the link type is set to transient (capture1 image). The location of the well is used to uniquely link the well with its rate. Use the inspector to check correct setup.

User manuals and other useful information can be found at{79E8A24B-1EAC-4A6C-A678-999EE0D8865A}|{8BEDA1F4-1938-4FC7-AD3F-D2A6FFC8E7AA}|{9A70C578-9030-44CD-8B58-0A7D9369B9FB}|{6174231F-96A9-4DFD-B62E-595C173BDC1A}