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disable boundary condition
« on: July 04, 2007, 10:07:13 am »
For models with multiple model objects and long simulation time periods, it can be useful to temporarily disable time variant boundary conditions.
For 2nd and 4rd order boundary conditions, already this can be done quite easy, because in the power funktion value list just a value of zero has to be set.
But for 1st and 2nd order disabling the time variant boundary condition is only possible by defining constraints, e. g. setting the flux constraint value to zero, which is computational expensive and not very conveniant for the model administration.
The suggestion (straight-forward and simple) is to define a value for the power function value list (e. g. 999) which operates as a signal and disables the boundary condition.
Examples for the application of temporarily disabled boundary conditions of 1st or 3rd order are infiltration wells temporarily installed in order to keep a fixed groundwater level or temporarily by-passed river sections.