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Mesh enrichment - ''level of enrichment''
« on: January 24, 2008, 03:42:17 pm »

it would appreciated if there was a possibility to control the level of mesh enrichment, just as when you use the TMesh (Delaunay) generator and you can select the ''level of refinement'' around border and add-ins.

In feflow52, when using mesh enrichment in a restricted area like the rubberbox, the level of enrichment is sometimes contrasting way too sharply with the rest of the mesh


It might just be me but if I use a greater density of point add-ins in some areas than others, the resulting mesh is not really denser in these zones than in zones where I used fewer add-ins.

Therefore, when using the TMesh (Delaunay) generator, that would be nice if there was a possibility to choose a different refinement level according to add-ins categories. Here is an example:


category one add-ins: refinement level -> low
category two add-ins: refinement level -> medium
category three add-ins: refinement level -> high