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I am using MikeFLOOD to couple Mike Hydro and Mike21 FM. When I am starting the simulation this error message appears "fatal error error detected when setting up link". I am guessing there is a problem to couple my mesh with lateral links of the mikeHydro, but I dont know how to resolve it.

Apreciate all help I can get,

Best regards,
MIKE 3 / Re: Need Help in Creating Bathymetry
« Last post by Christian Tomsu on September 19, 2019, 08:13:40 am »
Hi Rahul,

I assume the reason is, that the item type is set to UNDEFINED.
Try to define it as Surface elevation.

FEFLOW / applying a certain amount of mass to nodal data as mass concentration
« Last post by imanroohi on September 16, 2019, 10:43:54 pm »
Hi everyone,
I want to model a volume of some contaminant as a spill. As I know, the only way is to apply it as mass concentration (in mg/L) into nodes. If I select all 6 nodes of a triangular prism element, which has 1000 L volume, and set the concentration to 1000 mg/L in every node, does it mean that I have modeled 1000 grams of mass in that area?
What would be the concentration in neighboring elements and nodes? Is concentration jumps from 1000 to zero from the selected node to other nodes around?
FEFLOW / Constructions in unstructured models
« Last post by Christian Helweg. COWI on September 13, 2019, 03:40:09 pm »
We are often making traditional layered feflow models with complicated structures, such as tunnels and caverns. If the geology is complicated and the structures are too, the layered approach becomes difficult and thus we are looking towards unstructured models. In this case the geology may be imported from a geological modelling software, but what about the structures ?. We usually start with a 3D autocad file, but as I understand it, feflow (tetgen) can only use PLCs to make the grid ?. Is this correct ?. If the structure is simple, its easy enough to make a PLC by hand, but when it's a long winding tunnel, this is not a viable option. Can anyone suggest a way of getting a 3D autocad file into feflow to be used for construction of an unstructured mesh. We would probably need to simplify the structure before using it for meshing and often there are many points in the Autocad 3D file that does not conform to PLC rules due to inaccuracies in the drawing. Any suggesions will be appreciated.

Regards Christian
FePEST / Issue in using IFM-plugin with FePEST
« Last post by Samia Saad on September 13, 2019, 02:09:10 pm »
I attached the plugin to Feflow of considering hydraulic head as parameter (Edit the written one posted by adacovsk) and I tested it. FeFlow is working changing the boundary conditions by the values written in .fpi file. After building FePEST model, defining IFM implemented with the same names and running it. The contribution of regul_xxpgp to phi is zero and nothing changed regarding those BC parameters.
Can anyone help me to know how to define IFM-plugin correctly and make it working with FePEST?.

FePEST / Issue - Parameters related to temperature are not calibrating
« Last post by dodi42 on September 13, 2019, 11:19:01 am »
Good morning everyone. I am doing the calibration of a preliminary steady state regional model where a series of hydraulic head and temperature observations are available. I attached the set of parameters I chose to calibrate and the set of observations I obtained on field. I tried to calibrate the model for both flow and heat transport. The results are that the parameters for the flow are correctly calibrated, while the parameters for the heat transport are maintained unchanged. The sensitivities are calculated correctly for the head observations but for temperature observations is always calculated 0 as semsitivities. This is what I gest from parameter estimation with PEST:

    Sum of squared weighted residuals (ie phi)               =   219.34   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "heagp"       =   43.458   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "hetgp"       =   175.88   

    Model calls so far             : 112
    Starting phi for this iteration                          :   203.56   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "heagp"       :   27.679   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "hetgp"       :   175.88 

    Model calls so far             : 331
    Starting phi for this iteration                          :   197.18   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "heagp"       :   21.295   
    Contribution to phi from observation group "hetgp"       :   175.88   

The contribution to phi from observation group hetgp remains the same and the sensitivities for the temperature observations are 0. The model is nicely calibrated for the heads, but not for the temperatures. In the scatter plot, when the parameter estimation is calculated, the simulated temperature always stays the same as the initial one. I don't get what is going on. An help is very appreciated. If you need more information to have a clue don't hesitate to ask me.

MIKE URBAN / How to Adjust Weekend DWF
« Last post by Farid on September 12, 2019, 05:24:17 pm »
Hello Guys,

I am working on calibrating a sewer model. I am calibrating the model for weekdays and weekends and I am using load allocation to introduce/change the loads to the model.

In one of my areas, there is a significant difference between weekdays load and weekends load. I. e. I have 1100 m3/d for weekdays and 490 m3/d for weekends. I tried to take care of this by applying a diurnal pattern to weekend that does not average to 1 and averages to 0.44 (490/1100), while keeping the load 1100 m3/d. However I did not see any change. May you please tell me if there is a way to take care of this in MU?

MIKE SHE / Re: Mike SHE autocalibration
« Last post by swhit on September 12, 2019, 01:16:54 am »
I have had some issues like this and it is usually one of two things:

1.  You are running too many simulations (check your license to see how many seats).

2. You are starting in a directory that you already ran an AUTOCAL simulation in, and that causes some permissions issues?  I have found when I delete all but the essential files before a run (delete all previous output files, except for in 'setup' directory), this error stops.
« Last post by priscilabramalho on September 11, 2019, 01:41:24 pm »
Hello all, is there any possible way to add data directly from ArcGIS Pro and open it on MIKE URBAN+? Or the only way available is to add on MIKE URBAN+ and then open on ArcGIS Pro?
FEFLOW / Re: Free Surface Setting - Constrained head
« Last post by Matteo.F on September 11, 2019, 09:37:43 am »
Hi Peter,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, that helps me understanding more what FEFLOW does.

According to this, the hydraulic head values higher than elevation that come out from calculation should be taken just as a qualitative indicator (in those nodes flooding has occured) and not as a quantitative indicator (the higher the hydraulic head is compared to the elevation, the higher is the amount of flooding water in that node), is that right?

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